Earn Up To 240% ROI Per Deposit!

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4 Earning Tiers

Tron Stacks offers four tiers of investment. Each tier offers a higher level
of maximum returns based on initial investment size. The more you invest, the more you earn!

Silver Stack

100 TRX Minimum Earn up to 150%

Gold Stack

5,000 TRX Minimum Earn up to 175%

Platinum Stack

20,000 TRX Minimum Earn up to 200%

Ruby Stack

50,000 TRX Minimum Earn up to 240%

High Return On Investment(ROI)

Tron Stacks features a high return on investment!
Earn up to 240% at 13% Daily!
1% Daily Returns
.08% Daily Hold Bonus (capped at 10%)
.01% Contract Bonus per 1 Million TRX (capped at 2%)

Single Withdraw

Tron Stacks features a single withdraw function that rewards strong hands!
Each deposit can only be withdrawn once.
Unlimited deposits are allowed.
Any returns not realized at the time of withdraw will be forfeited to the contract.

P2P Referrals

Tron Stacks is built on a 5 Level, Peer to Peer (P2P) Referral Systems,
which ensures you get paid for your marketing efforts and the contract retains 90% of deposited funds.

P2P means your referral fees drop straight into your wallet!

Level 1 : 2.5%

Level 2 : 2%

Level 3: 1.5%

Level 4: 1%

Level 5: 0.5%

Example Ref

This illustrates a deposit as it would payout 5 referral levels.

10,000 TRX Deposit

Level 1 is paid 250 TRX ~ 2.5%
Level 2 is paid 200 TRX ~ 2.0%
Level 3 is paid 150 TRX ~ 1.5%
Level 4 is paid 100 TRX ~ 1.0%
Level 5 is paid 50 TRX ~ 0.5%

Community Built

Tron Stacks is 100% community built, designed with the end user in mind!

Audit Complete

In addition to rigorous testing during development and BETA, Tron Stacks smart contract
has completed a code audit. Smart contracts are 100% verifiable. Nobody can steal funds, or change contract functions.

Low Dev Fee

Tron Stacks dev team is taking a minimal fee of only 2.5%.